Sales Tips

1. Getting New Customers
Take advantage of your social network and turn friends and family into your customers. Other places to find customers are; your office, school, malls, parties, restaurants, hang out spots and networking events.

2. Keeping old customers
You must have heard the saying ‘customer is king’ ‘customer is always right’, it is important to stay in constant contact with your customers and listen to their needs, as opposed to forcing a decision on them. Great News for you is that Konga holds over 350,000 different products, so you have a wide variety to offer your customer.

3. Sales Training – Self Learning
To be a good sales person you have to continuously improve your skills to stay ahead. Here are some further tips to read up and improve on
– Customer Research – Invest quality time to research your buyers.
– Follow Up – Importance of following up and How to Improve on it.
– Rejection – Be persistent, people will say No sometimes, DON’T GIVE UP.
– Customer Appreciation – Making others feel important.
– Company you keep– Rub minds occasionally and surround yourself with like-minded people
– Prioritizing things to do and Time Management