How to use the DeepLink Feature

“Deep Linking” is a feature that allows a YuBoss Agent to edit Destination URL of their YuBoss refferal Link. This is extremely helpful when trying to point your audience to a particular promotion, or product page that is not available on the YuBoss dashboard or product catalog data feed.

So how can you make use of this feature?

How to use deeplinking

1. To use the deep link feature, what you need to do first is go over to, pick the product or page URL you want to promote eg, Lets say you want to promote a HP 15.6-Inch Windows 8 Laptop with the link (

deeplink 1

2. What you need to do is get the URL of the product page, then go over to your YuBoss dashboard, then click on the Deeplink link at the top.

deeplink 2

3. Once you click on it, then the deeplink page opens up, Here you can now select the campaign and insert the URL of the product that you copied in step one. Insert it in the destination url column, then click on “generate code”.

Deeplink GEN

4. Once you click on the button, then the box below will show you your YuBoss refferal link for that particular  product or page you specified.

Deeplink GEN2

5. Then you can copy the link and use it anywhere you want to promote.