How To Use The Banner Rotator 

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To use the banner rotator, Log into your  dashboard here: Once you log in successfully, Then click on Promotion on the left hand side of the screen, then click on Campaigns  


Once you click campaigns new page will load, Then on the new page, You select which category that best suit your website, or rather pick any category for the content you will like to promote. eg, Konga Deal, and then click on the banner link shown in front of the category like it is below


Once you click on that, Then on the next page, you can now select the banner dimension you want. (We have carefully named the banners with dimension sizes so its easy for you to select)


Once you see the banner you want, then click on get banner code, Then copy the small snippet in the box and paste it anywhere on your site. Its better you replace any current code you have with this new code.

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