How do I place my orders?

Place your order online:  Place your Affiliate link in your url and click on enter  Search and choose any product you want  Add to cart and check out  Create a Konga account OR input your username and password (if you are an existing Konga customer/Yudala […]


1. How much do I get paid for selling? View our commission structure via this link: 2. How do I get promoted? There are 5 categories in the YuBoss program that an agent can belong to: a. Associate: An associate is expected to make a minimum of N250,000 (Two […]

Sales Tips

1. Getting New Customers Take advantage of your social network and turn friends and family into your customers. Other places to find customers are; your office, school, malls, parties, restaurants, hang out spots and networking events. 2. Keeping old customers You must have heard the saying ‘customer is king’ ‘customer […]