Can I transact from a Konga Shop?

Yes, you can transact a Konga Shop, the ID card is meant to Identify you as an accredited affiliate at any Konga shop, feel free to visit our shop even when you do not have an ID card, we advise that you ensure that all your orders at a Konga […]

How Can I benefit from Sponsored Contract?

As an Affiliate, if you have a contract to make supplies to a reputable corporate organization. you can inform Konga in time and work with Konga to win and implement the contract. You will need to sign an agreement with Konga. The client will need to pay into Konga bank […]

How Can I get promoted to a new band?

There are currently no bands in the new structure as all affiliates are special to us. An ID card will only be issued to affiliates who have passed the Konga integrity test (A test carried out without the knowledge of the affiliate hence can not be influenced by affiliate) and every […]

How do I get promoted?

There are 4 categories in the Konga Affiliates program that an agent can belong to: A. Associate: An associate is expected to make a minimum of N500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira) in sales in ONE month to be promoted to Silver. B. Silver: A Silver member is expected to make […]